The almost Bassmasters Classic   Otis.jpg (16576 bytes)


Img01a.jpg (62326 bytes)  My brother Mike.    Img08.jpg (43766 bytes)  One of the only ones in our crowd to actually catch fish.

Img04a.jpg (35621 bytes)   Img06.jpg (38331 bytes) My nephew Jason's first year - 1999 (see him in the winners circle in 2000)

Img05a.jpg (61825 bytes) The campground we call home for the weekend.

Img07.jpg (55438 bytes) 12:00....time for the late sleepers to hit the water.

Img08a.jpg (21126 bytes) Randall and Rob...I don't see them catching fish any time soon.

Img0a.jpg (51791 bytes)  Aaron, Paul and Ronny

Img10.jpg (46270 bytes) Bill and John.   These two actually have a shot at landing something.

Img11.jpg (32013 bytes) My old boss, Brucey.   Need I say more.

Img16.jpg (34853 bytes) Here's my buddy Billy...he cracks himself up.

Img18.jpg (34167 bytes) Billy and Randall and that's yours truly in the middle.

Img24.jpg (32111 bytes) Me and my bro with the two new kids, Tom and Guy.

Img27.jpg (35085 bytes) Mike, Billy and Randall listening to someone's fish story.

Img28.jpg (42726 bytes) J & D Marina....the other place we call home for the weekend.