Small World.... by Ed George

It is indeed a small world.  

We had a block party in my neighborhood in which about 75 of my neighbors attended.  It was a great chance to get to know each other.  After the festivities were over, I found myself hanging out having a few cocktails with a couple of my neighbors.  One of my neighbors has a Bass boat in his driveway so naturally the conversation turned to talking about fishing.

I mentioned that I only get out one weekend a year fishing as family and work keep me busy the other 51 weekends.  I told him that I go to Otis Reservoir for an annual tournament with a bunch of guys.  I waited for the usual response when I made that statement, "You mean Otis Air Force base?", but it didn't come.  Instead he made a statement that shocked me "Otis, that's one of my favorite places!!".  After I got up from falling out of my chair in shock that there was another person in this world that heard of Otis, I told him more about the tournament.  I was really floored when he jumped to his feet and yelled out "The ABC, I fish in that!!!!!"   Followed by "Ed, I've been to your website, You have pictures of my partner, Mark out there!!"

It turns out that I moved two doors down from Chuck Hayden, a name many of you may recognize from seeing on the leader board.  With an estimated 6 billion people in the world and only about 130 Fishermen going to the Bassmasters, what are the odds that I move next door to a fellow ABC'er?  It looks like I may have to steal more than one weekend away from work and family this year to hit the water now that I have a fishing partner next door.